We always love to showcase the amazing positive vibes that come from our LDNM Transformations. Scarlett is simply incredible and her Bikini Guide Transformation has left us speechless. We hope you all would agree, she looks absolutely brilliant!

Just take a look!




Read The Full Story Behind This Incredible Transformation:

The combination of third year stress and anxiety and a wonderful boyfriend to hang out with every night meant that for the past year all I was doing was eating eating eating. Consuming over 150 grams of refined sugar daily, eating pizza every other meal, and lord knows how many bags of quavers went in my gob!After taking photos of myself (left) 3 months ago, I decided to sign up to the LDNM Bikini Guide as a desperate plea to change the way I looked, felt, and how I was treating my body.’ ….

On reflection their Bikini Guide has been the best thing to happen to me this past year and I’ve never felt better. I’ve gone vegetarian (out of choice and the guide works for vegetarians too), cut out sugar, controlled my portions, get to the gym 4 times a week and just lived a bit healthier and as a result of this, lost 19lbs/8.6kg, nominalised the excess amount of cellulite from my bum and thighs, started to get abs showing, lifted weights I never thought I could, and dropped a dress size… Im SO happy’

“I’m so happy in my own skin finally and could not have achieved this without the Bikini Guide giving me a push in the right direction, and the unrivalled support from the guys…”

The Latest Updates From Scarlett!

We pride ourselves on our guides giving sustainable results, and so we always love seeing how people maintain their results long-term and don’t fall victim to the rebound effect that sadly unsustainable plans result in. Over 6 months on and here’s what Scarlett had to say;

“Hey guys, just wanted to update you on my LDNM Progress! The reason I started  the Bikini Guide in the first place was to be bikini ready and confident for my trip to Bali. 

Even though I’ve come off the guide whilst being here and enjoyed 4 weeks of amazing beaches, pizzas and mojitos, my body has still sustained at a steady weight and I’m so happy I made it to Bali confident and excited about being in a Bikini. However, I genuinely can’t wait to get back on the guide from the beginning when I’m home and build some muscle back up, mega thanks lads!”. 





Ladies! Drop The Excuses And Start Today!

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