Yet another amazing transformation and testimonial from one of the LDNM Family. This time its Sam Hodgson (IG – samhodgson19), who sent in an incredible progress update, saying the Cutting Guide “really has changed his life”… We cant ask for more than that Sam!

Before & After


Just as important as the incredible transformation photos, are of course the positive physical and mental effects that such a journey can have, take a read of what Sam had to say.


How Has LDNM Effected You Both Physically And Mentally?

” The LDNM Cutting Guide has effected me positively in a few different but amazing ways! Firstly it’s got me on the right track aesthetically, even though I have a long way to go in my own mind it’s definitely been the backbone to my success and its these results that have kept me going and really enjoying the guide. Because of this change of appearance and weight loss my confidence has also been through the roof, whereas it previously wasn’t so!”

“Altogether I’ve lost almost 6 stone, I’ve really enjoyed the workouts and the diet is enjoyable and something you can actually stick to!” 

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I would recommend the LDNM Cutting Guide to literally anyone, no matter what their starting point is, because it’s easy to follow, the workouts are different throughout so keeps your training fresh and not boring, it’s fun! The same goes for the diet within it too. In my eyes that what it’s all about, making it fun and not boring is the key to success!” 


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