Another simple yet effective variation on a very regular exercise. By reversing your grip, so that your knuckles face upwards, and palms downwards, you can effectively target both your forearms (commonly neglected) AND biceps, with the reverse grip barbell curl.

Personally I don’t have the time to allocate a single session to forearms as a standalone muscle group. I therefore find the best compromise is to integrate this at the end of my Bicep workouts as a finisher to biceps and so as to prevent forearms being neglected.


How To:

  • Take a barbell (you can also use an EZ Bar) and select an appropriate weight. *Caution – as a starting point select 50% of the weight you would use for a regular barbell curl.
  • Stand up tall, shoulders back, whilst tensing and engaging your core.
  • Curl the bar up to shoulder height, ensuring your elbows remain fixed by your side. Squeeze the bar throughout the range of motion.
  • Pause for a 1 second hold and tense your biceps and forearms at the top of the repetition.
  • Slowly lower the bar, elbows remaining fixed, for a count of 3-4 seconds until you reach you starting point.
  • Typically I would repeat for 5 Sets of 10 x Reps. 60-75 Second rest between sets.

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