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With Body Power Expo fast approaching, you can’t help but notice a phenomena which is sweeping across various members of the ‘fitness industry’. Suddenly people are talking of ‘drying out’ and ‘dialling in’…

What is this ‘drying out’ people talk of? Is it realistic, healthy or attainable for you and I? The answer is, that for the folk that uphold our ethos, NO!

This is a topic we feel strongly about, the idealistic physiques we see and the justifications for such drastic changes in appearance ranging from ‘no carbs’ to ‘water manipulation’ and so on are endless. But are these really the miracle cures? We’ll let you use your educated guess on that!

For years we at Team LDNM have been both dedicated and committed to training and diet, striving to create an aesthetic and (season depending) lean/shredded physique. We have undertaken various approaches to diet and training along the way, and that includes a rigid and substantial commitment to cardio when nearing a shoot. Guess what? Our skin has NEVER changed into a texture akin to paper, nor have we ever found a ‘road map’ of veins shooting across our stomachs or quads. Never have we found a diet or training protocol result in what so many refer to as ‘drying out’, nor have we found our skin ‘getting tighter.’

So what’s our point?

The issue we have is so many people strive to achieve a naturally attainable physique, and look up to idols, an idol which they truly believe they can look like. Sadly (in our opinion) the diet and training is only one side of the story and reason they look the way they do, and is certainly the only side you will see publicised and marketed on social media.

The hidden methods behind so many physiques remain out of sight and publicity and the wool is pulled over many peoples eyes with a dream selling supplement as the implicit reason why the person looks the way they do. Good quality supplements, used as convenience tools is the key.

Don’t ever feel that the reason why your body fat % isn’t frighteningly low is because you don’t train enough or aren’t ‘dedicated’ enough. It’s dangerous to enter this mindset – especially when you are aiming for the (naturally) impossible.

What individuals choose to take is not our business, and everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions. That being said the recent tragedy revolving around the illegal ‘fat burner’ known as DNP is enough to make you realise the dangers.

No doubt those who choose to take a different route to ourselves are dedicated to their training and diet, but to market it as naturally attainable is nothing short of irresponsible and can adversely affect the mindset of thousands of individuals who become disheartened and wonder what they are doing wrong.

All we say is open your eyes, and wide. Give it everything YOU have and achieve what YOU are capable of, and never get disheartened chasing a false reality. Be content with you progress and above all stay fit and healthy.

To give you ladies and gents of where Team LDNM fit in stat wise… bearing in mind many ‘fitness models’ are 100kg at sub 10% body fat…



Height: 6ft 2”

Weight: 93kg

Estimated BF%: 12-13%


Height: 6ft 1”

Weight: 90kg

Estimated BF%: 14%


Height: 5ft 11”

Weight: 81kg

Estimated BF%: 7-8%



Height: 6ft 1”

Weight: 80kg

Estimated BF%: 8-9%


Our ethos and outlook is fully reflected in all of our LDNM Guides, and our transformations are testimony to the fact that our guides are Tried, Tested and Proven, by thousands.

No gimmicks, no dream promosing supplements just results.