Check out Rajesh Pullan looking fab at 40 with our Cutting Guide!


“I just thought I’d share my progress pics with you as your Cutting Guide has helped me get into the best shape of my life!! Pic on the left taken November 2017. I weighed 13st 9lbs, size 34 inch waist. Pic on the right taken today (27th July 18) I weigh 11st 11lbs, 30 inch waist!!

I’ve been going to the gym over the years but never had a training plan or program in place. I never got on with weights, just used to go on the treadmill and do a few other cardio exercises. I decided to try and get into some kind of shape this year and came across your insta page.

I purchased your Cutting Guide and started working out beginning of the year. The exercises are clear, easy to follow and structured. I go to the gym knowing exactly what to do. I also use your app to change a workout and save the workouts on insta to mix it up!

It’s my 40th birthday this weekend and I’ve never felt physically fitter. Still got a lot to do but the Cutting Guide has given me the confidence to go on!”



The Cutting Guide is our male fat loss and lean definition plan, which covers all your;

  • Training (from home or the gym)
  • Nutrition (specific to your weight, body type and experience level)
  • Optional supplementation and exclusive discounts
  • Lifestyle and mind-set
  • How to properly track progress
  • Stretching, foam rolling and pressure ball work
  • AND comes with the support of the founders whenever you need it (not a staff member reading off a check sheet in rationed ‘check-ins’)
  • AND has beginner, intermediate and advanced options within both the training and nutrition sections



Remember to follow us and post your progress on Instagram, and use the hashtag #LDNMuscle so we can see your smashing progress and lovely creations, repost some and spread the LDNM Community far and wide!






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