Tabata Torture

Being restricted and short of time is sadly all too common an issue – one which all four of us here at Team LDNM whole heartily sympathise with. Trying to juggle full-time work and training can be challenging.

Trying to fit a single session in a day can be tricky, let alone a separate additional session for cardio. One compromise I employ, when needed, is to tag a Tabata style cardio workout on post resistance training. Already warmed up from my session these can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

I try to vary each and every Tabata style session, some being more cardio based, others being resistance based (light weight) but the principle remains the same:

8 x 20 second intervals separated by a 10 second rest. I sometimes break this up into different exercises within the set so;

1 Exercise – 8 Rounds

2 Exercises – 4 Rounds

4 Exercises – 2 Rounds


So taking a 2 Exercise Routine as an example – Lets take burpees and mountain climbers – alternating;

1. 20 Seconds Burpees

Burpee 1Burpee 2Burpee 3

10 Seconds Rest

2. 20 Seconds Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climber 1 Mountain Climber 2

10 Seconds Rest

Repeat x4 sets


Next time you are training and up against it for time, try throwing this session it – you will be sure to leave the gym with a good sweat on!


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