Having recently bought a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor a number of you ladies and gents on Twitter have asked for my thoughts and feedback.

Ill keep it nice and brief guys…in a word it is excellent.


£54.00- cheapest online seller I found was below at  www.sportsgadgets.co.uk – simply click here and enter ‘LDNMUSCLE’ at the checkout for a further 5% off.


Main Features

Heart rate

Heart Rate Zone Indicator

Average, and Maximum Heart Rate

Calories Burnt/Expended


Both the watch and hear rate monitor belt itself are incredibly comfortable, you barely notice you have it on.

Ease of use

It’s as simple as it gets. The manual couldn’t be any more user-friendly. When you get the watch, turn it on, enter your vital statistics (Gender, Age, Weight, Height) and you are good to go.

Simply press two buttons and your session will be fully recorded

Easy access to return to previous data and view your workout stats.

Main uses

I now wear this for all HIIT and LISS sessions to ensure my heart rate conforms with my intended training zones.  I also use it during resistance training as well- always good to know your total expenditure.

It provides a great indicator of how hard you have worked and an excellent incentive to train harder and smash previous records!


Guys and girls- put simply… I can’t believe I left it so long to get one of these… they are epic!

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