Simple yet effective, the overhead dumbbell Tricep extension.

Ladies these aren’t just for men, give these a go as part of the war on ‘Bingo Wings’.


  • Warm up you triceps prior to performing this exercise.
  • Take a Dumbbell and raise above your head- using the grip demonstrated in the second photograph
  • Keep your elbows glued into your head (so far as possible)
  • In a slow and controlled manner lower the dumbbell, WITHOUT letting your elbows bow outwards.
  • Return the weight to the starting position
  • Aim for a 3 Second eccentric phase and a 1 second concentric phase ( so 3 seconds down, 1 up).
  • Guys aim for a 6 reps with a heavy weight, repeat 4 Sets of 6 reps, 1 min rest period between set.
  • Ladies aim for a weight in which you struggle to complete 8- 10 reps. Repeat 4 sets aiming for a 45 second rest interval.
  • If you fancy it why not try a dropset? So perform your 6 reps with a heavy weight then straight after take a weight approx 60% of your first weight and aim for 8-10 reps.
 Overhead tricep dumbbell extension 1
 Overhead tricep dumbbell extension 2



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