Open Letter to Reality TV Stars Turned Fitness Gurus


Whilst we encourage you spreading a message about the need for increased physical activity and awareness with regards to healthier food choices, please think before you open your mouth! Making sweeping statements about health and fitness, especially when you are not qualified, is a major issue- especially given you aren’t simply advising your pal down the gym but are advocating it to millions of vulnerable followers on social media.

Think critically and use some logic (if you are capable). Do you know if the confident statement you are making to your hordes of followers is actually correct? Could it be misconstrued by people and result in negative consequences? Do you genuinely believe what you are stating, or is it for personal gain rather than an attempt to actually help the people who look up to and support you?

Note that normal people work 40< hour draining weeks, and have a lot less money than you, and often don’t have the time to know what is true and what is false when it comes to health and fitness. Please dust off your morals and stop painfully pushing the long list of ineffective, expensive, rubbish products including; detox teas, cleanses, waist trainers, weight loss shakes, fat burners, teeth whitening devices and any gimmicky rubbish that will offer you a small pay off for a #spon deal. Stop conning normal people into parting with their hard-earned wages by offering a dream-world shortcut to aesthetics and health and fitness.

Please kindly stop using photo-shop on your images, which are the marketing tools to sell your products and sub-par DVDs. This is false advertising in our eyes, and one day soon we hope it will become illegal to do this. The fact you can brazenly change your body shape to something more aspirational with a computer program, before using it to sell products that supposedly got you this fake, manipulated physique is beyond us,  and so too is how you’ve managed to bend walls and door frames!

The sooner you stop lying and selling the extreme ends of the spectrum, the sooner the fitness industry will improve and become more transparent. You have some of the loudest voices that sadly can drown out those people who genuinely try to help people with information that isn’t revolutionary, bold and or sexy, but rather is correct, realistic and easy for a normal busy person to adhere to. We appreciate you are trying to earn a living and that as a TV personality you may have a finite marketable lifespan, but stop doing so dishonestly and at the detriment of (potentially) millions of your loyal supporters and those around them.


Your sincerely,




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