LB Oblique

The ‘Front V’ is a sure sign of a tight and toned torso, but getting it can often prove a lengthily and time consuming pursuit! Crunches and sit-ups fail to isolate and target the oblique’s, and therefore separate attention must be paid to them.

One sure way of targeting the oblique is the ‘Oblique cable crunch’, a great way to isolate your oblique’s, and begin your quest for the ‘V’. 

 How to

  1.       Take a dumbbell or take a high pulley and attach a single ‘D handle’
  2.       Position yourself side on to the dumbbell/pulley
  3.       Take the Dumbbell/D handle with the hand nearest the machine
  4.       Hold your arm at a 90 degree angle
  5.       Keeping the arm in the aforementioned position, perform a sideways crunch pulling your elbow into your hip (without moving your arm).
  6.       Slowly release the crunch up to the starting position. No erratic jerking movements- slow and controlled!
  7.       Repeat 10-12 reps (each arm) and 4xSets.

 Enjoy the isolation- seek your oblique! Let us know how you get on!

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