Ever find cooking salmon takes forever, is hard to cook properly and stinks out the entire kitchen in a pan or foreman-style grill? Not to mention it makes all the latter meals (in the pan or grill) taste like fish! These points, teamed with the fact I eat it frequently, made this trick all the sweeter when mastered!



  • Tin foil,
  • Foreman style grill,
  • 1 kcal olive oil spray (or preferred equivalent oil),
  • Favourite seasonings (salt and pepper for me),
  • Salmon fillet.


  • Spray tin foil 3-4 times with 1 kcal spray,
  • Place salmon skin down,
  • Rub in or apply specific seasonings,

Note: avoid too much salt as it can dry out the salmon.

  • Wrap salmon up, ensuring either end is rolled to prevent juices running over your nice, clean foreman,
  • Place in foreman for 5-7 minutes,
  • If there is any smoke or odd smell remove the foil for a moment, or turn the foreman off so the temperature stalls and then falls slowly (still cooking the fish as it does).

Note: use just enough foil to package the salmon with 1-2 layers of foil- speeding up the cooking time.

  • Unwrap with a knife and fork, and cut through the fillet to see if it is fully cooked,
  • Remove the fish- leaving the skin (hopefully) stuck-fast to the foil!


This may take a few attempts to master, but will stop the room smelling of fish and subsequent meats prepared on the foreman tasting of salmon also.

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