The saying ‘No carbs before Marbs’, was born from one of the educative, enthralling and absolutely mind-boggling shows such as Made in Chelsea, TOWIE and/or Love Island. It means to completely cut carbs out of your diet before your holiday (possibly to Marbella) in an attempt to drop body fat fast.


Will it Work?

Should you stick to it before your holiday it could genuinely work, yes. However – before you start binning all your delicious carbohydrate based foods and buying into the sea of incorrect, incoherent statements and falsities emanating from those awful television shows – please realise that this is an unsustainable method of fat loss that will be more likely to leave you in a worse position than you started in, after you return from your holiday and resume normal eating habits!

Also please note – the vast majority of the ‘celebs’ on these shows that suddenly turn into fitness pros after their cameo appearance(s) are not experts with regards to training, nutrition or health. They are also used as puppets by protein companies to sell useless products like:

  • Carb (and fat) blockers
  • Slender/diet protein powders
  • Fat burners
  • Water, aloe vera or juice cleanses
  • Waist trainers
  • Detox teas
  • Raspberry ketones

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Why is this Method of Fat Loss Flawed?

Cutting carbs completely out of a normal diet will likely cut around 30-50% of the calories from your daily intake. This will almost definitely place you in a large caloric deficit (needed for weight loss) for the day and result in aggressive fat loss. Sounds great, right? Well scratch beneath the surface and the façade quickly disintegrates.

Your body will adapt to the lower level of calories over time in order to stop continually losing fat and muscle mass, as a method to protect itself from eventual health issues. It will do this by slowing your metabolic rate to exist on less energy (calories), which means when you reintroduce a normal intake of calories (likely even more than usual on holiday) to your diet there will be more energy available than usual. This extra energy in the form of excess calories will be stored as body fat, which often leaves one with a higher percentage of body fat than they had before going zero carb, around 1-2 months post-holiday or event!

This unhappy turn of events is commonly referred to as ‘rebound weight gain’, and will occur when using options such as detox teas, cleanses, juice diets, paleo and other fitness fads to drop fat fast for an event, and then returning to (at least) a normal caloric intake during and after said event.

Opting for very low/zero carb diets as a method of dropping fat could also lead to:

  • Reduced physical and mental performance
  • Increased onset of fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Reduced quality of sleep (in some cases)
  • Muscle catabolism (loss)
  • Periodic binge eating in the evenings and on weekends
  • Lack of pleasure from your diet
  • Demonising certain food groups
  • Orthorexia (in extreme cases)


What do You Suggest Then?

In order to start progressing to a body shape you desire, we would suggest tracking your calories to get an overview of your average intake, whilst also starting an exercise routine including resistance training and cardio. Check out this food tracking app here. Taking a photo diary of all foods and (higher calorie) beverages is also good practice simply to get a sense of what and when you are eating.

By becoming more aware of how many calories you are consuming in relation to your weight – i.e. has this been increasing or decreasing? – You can figure out how to proceed in order to lose weight:

  • Currently don’t exercise and gaining weight (body fat) – consider starting an exercise routine and slightly reducing your caloric intake
  • Currently exercise and gaining fat/weight – consider evaluating your exercise routine, and reducing calories slightly

Our Bikini and Cutting Guides take all the experimentation, hardship and confusion out of losing fat and keeping it off, and we provide support throughout their usage as and when needs be readily via social media and email. Our guides are invaluable for a normal person who wants to achieve long term progress and learn new skills as they:

  • Training; weights, cardio, circuits and structure
  • Nutrition; specific to your weight, build and (changing) schedules
  • Supplementation (and exclusive discounts); what supplements actually are effective or convenient
  • Lifestyle and sustainability; how to build fitness into your life, rather than your life around it
  • Tracking your own progress; how to properly use the scales, selfies and measurements
  • Mind-set and progression; how to stay motivated and move forwards

The LDNM Guides are also educative and not designed to illicit maximal weight loss over a short period in order to use as a marketing tool to dupe others into buying into the unsustainable process. We have designed our Transformation Guides to allow for fast and sustainable fat (not weight) loss, which isn’t to the detriment of your quality of life and results can be seen in as little as 2-4 weeks. Essentially we want you to drop ‘good weight’ (fat not muscle), whilst enjoying your life!

We understand the rigours of busy, changeable schedules, and do not enforce unenjoyable meal plans and ridiculous amounts of exercise upon you. We show you how to create a diet you genuinely enjoy, and create an exercise schedule that benefits you mentally and physically, and do so whilst maintaining a sensible portion of carbs and level of calories. Health and fitness should benefit your life and fit within a lifestyle you enjoy, not cause you to fit life around the gym and kitchen.


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