So, I thought for my first product review for LDNM I would look at something I haven’t seen much of myself. In fact, the first person I saw wearing this product in the gym was the main man himself Steve Cook when he made an appearance at my gym (City Athletic).

While having a conversation with Steve, he raised his forearm up to show me his phone tucked away in the Nike+ sleeve to show me the menu of the restaurant he was eating at that evening. I’d never seen this type of phone/iPod case before and was pretty fascinated with it from the offset. It looked great, clearly displayed his iPhone screen, made for easy phone access and navigation, seemed to allow him to hit the weights without it getting in the way and also (the main part for me) had his phone on his person. This struck me as a great idea – it’s clearly viewable and (in the main part) safe from damage throughout your workout, allowing you to time your sets and change your music selection without constantly taking your phone in and out of your pocket, keep your iBook open to work from, without having the phone/iPod face away from your sight like some carriers I’ve seen (and never been interested in) on the market.

I thought, if it’s good enough for him, it must be good enough for me. So I swiftly headed to Amazon and grabbed one, very happy initially with my acquisition and (sadly) very excited about my Friday Arm Destruction session the following day to try it out.

The Nike+ forearm sleeve states the below:

–        iPhone and iPod touch device carrier

–        Helps device for easy access and interaction during workout

–        Dri-Fit fabric for moisture management

–        Water resistant construction

–        Cord management for zero distraction

I went for the L/XL size, given my height and arm size (however, my forearms are a little on the thinner side). My first initial thoughts on this were, the fit was a little loose on the wrist but tight enough on the forearm to hold the sleeve in place without too many issues. They only sizes available were S/M & L/XL, which isn’t great really as the s/m was far too small. However, I can’t complain too much here as the piece fitted firmly on my forearm, was comfortable and didn’t cause me any distraction. Slipping my phone in the slot however, is a little tricky. After getting the sleeve home, I realised that it was designed for the iPhone 4/4s etc and I currently have an iPhone 5. The phone does fit in, with a little negotiation, but, you do miss a little bit of the screen along the top (hopefully, your gym has a clock). The phone however is fully functional within the sleeve and in my humble opinion better for where the cord hole is placed and actually makes the screen easier to view as you put the iPhone in upside down because of this.

Anyway, on with my workout. I would actually say as a whole, this device enhances my workout in a few positive ways. First off, I have the full view of my stop clock to time my sets properly and am not constantly in an out of my pocket, which is a great thing for me as I am militant with timing my sets to the second. I can view this clearly and the cover for the screen makes the phone easy to stop, start and reset my clock with my other hand easily. Second, I don’t have to worry about the position of my phone in my pocket as I do lifts. Doing things such as, deadlifts, dumbbell work and lying on a bench, you do worry about you phone in your pocket getting squashed or falling out and there really is no concerns here, third, when I finish my session, my phone can usually be wet due to perspiration in sitting unprotected in my pocket, again, no worries about this, the sleeve kept the device dry and out of the way. And finally, when completing a workout or guide from my iBooks, it’s there for me to refer to at all times. The same goes for the “cord management”, I used this with my beats by Dre headphones and standard iPhone ones, no issues with it getting in the way as you go through your sets.

Over all, I would say this is a great addition to my gym kit and has over the last few weeks, become a must add in my gym bag, and would advise anyone with a spare £22 give it a try. There are a few negatives, which I have listed below:

–        Only designed for the iPhone 4 or below, would be great to get a reissue for the 5

–        If you were to have an iPhone 4, due to the position of the “cord management” function, you would have to view your phone upside down as you lift your arm to use the device

–        Sizing isn’t perfect, could do with clear s, m, l & xl options

–        The sleeve can slip a little with some exercises, but the phone is still viewable and it doesn’t affect the overall usability as it won’t fall off your arm totally

–        Phones won’t fit with cases on unless you’re a little forceful. You may split the material if you do try with the iPhone 5 or have chunkier cases.

–        I’m around 6’ 3”, with quite long arms, and I would say (being a bit picky here) that the l/xl is a tad too long, with the s/m being far too small.

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