Like the LDN Muscle team I have experimented with hundreds of supplements over the years, been through highs and lows with this, tried stacks with multiple supplements to barely any to experiment on the differences. Below is my current and (I feel) the best stack to support my current goals (listed on my bio page). Since my first blog on the site, I have been asked multiple times already (and before that to be fair) of the supplement stack I used to get as lean as possible and keep hold of/build quality muscle. When you’re looking to take it to the next level, it’s the little changes that count the most, the devil, truly is in the detail



How: in a shake. When: Morning, post training & evening Why: we all know supplementation of protein is needed when trying to build lean muscle. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail here. One thing to mention is NOT to make it the be all and end all of your diet. I see BCAAs amongst others as just as important for growth and maintenance. I still eat 6 other meals in the day not including protein powders, diversify your protein source to maximise gains!!


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When: Morning and post training How: In a shake  Why: again, a supplementation of clean carbs is needed to build lean muscle. Instant Oats in the morning is a great quick fix with whey to help get your body back into an anabolic state from the catabolic state you wake up in. Dextrose are great to add to your shake post training as we need simple sugars to help with the creation of an insulin spike to aid muscle repair. (Note: I don’t go over the top with my dextrose intake post training and try to get 30% of my daily carbs in at breakfast)


BCAAsWhen: intra training How: powder form mixed with water (10-20g serving) Why: basically speaking, BCAAs are the building block to muscle, making up 40% of your muscle mass. BCAAs work with other aminos to build complex whole muscle tissue. Want more muscle? Supplement on BCAAs.

Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure) – When: intra and post training How: powder or caps (10g) Why: Quite simply, one of the most talked about supplements ever. Some love, some hate. I LOVE! While leaning out, this supplement helps with strength, size and recovery. The perfect go to supplement when used correctly. Try an 8 week cycle with two week rest in between.


Multi VitaminWhen: morning How: tablet, 1 a day Why: Good for overall health and keeping all of your nutrients in tact when on a low cal/cutting diet.

Vitamin D3 When: morning How: Why: Lose fat, gain muscle, and get strong by making sure your vitamin D levels are up to par. Probably the most under rated essential vitamin of all time. I ensure daily supplementation of this as it helps you get strong, lean & muscular.

Vitamin BWhen: morning How: one tablet a day Why: help maintain energy levels and general health to support when putting your body under stress (gym or work life)

Probiotic (digestive enzyme)When: every solid meal How: tablet form Why: if you have an unhealthy gut, you will likely have more stress and anxiety, which leads to the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, causing unnecessary belly fat. Also, with a high protein diet, eating 6-8 meals daily, looking after your insides WILL improve your outside!

Fitness fibreWhen: to get really lean, every meal 5g How: powder (On nutrition fitness fibre is best) Why: Similar to the above, it’s important when you consume the meals we do to look after your digestive system. Upping your fibre intake is another proven method to help you get lean.

Fish OilWhen: 2-3 times daily How: I drink raw fish oil, not tablets Why: Fish oil is a good fat which helps rid your body of the bad fats, in other words, help get and keep you lean. As well as help maintain a healthy heart, improve your eye sight, brain function, reflexes and stabilise your moods (and we all get it on a low carb day).

Coconut oil – When: replacement of olive oil and cooking fats/whenever you can How: with food, measurements vary. Why: coconut oil is the best fat out there. Used in the morning, it helps control your insulin level and is a real contributor to a lean physique.

So there you have it, my complete stack with all of the reasons why, some of you may agree or disagree, but I can’t question the results….any further questions, please don’t hesitate to comment.

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