This Muscle Building Arm Workout hits the right amount of reps, in a short period of time, without negating the overall total volume (sets x reps x weight).

Total volume is important, given this needs to be increased over time in order to build muscle longer term. This is why strength training is equally as important as hypertrophy work to those wishing to develop lean muscle mass.

Here I use antagonistic supersets, working the biceps and triceps independently. You need to leave 45 seconds between each set, and around 1-2 minutes when switching to the second superset. Leaving around 45 seconds between each set allows you to recover, regroup and focus before hitting the other muscle group, and by working the bicep you are moving the tricep through its range of motion passively (and vice-versa) – which is thought to aid recovery.


The Workout:

  • 3 x 9 reps of Close Grip Bench Press (superset to) 3 x 9 reps of Barbell Curls
  • Go to failure on the final set of each exercise here


  • 3 x 10 reps of Dumbbell Skull Crushers (superset to) 3 x 10 reps of Incline Bench Dumbbell Curls
  • Go to failure on set 2 of each exercise
  • Go to failure and then add a drop set on the final set of each exercise


In summary, this will allow you to shift heavy weights in a short period of time, and hit between 60-70 working reps. Hitting around 50-70 working reps 2-3 times per week is ideal for muscle gain, allowing at least 48 hours between training muscle groups twice. This is far more optimal than hitting each muscle group once per week with far to much volume, which causes crippling DOMS (muscle soreness) for 2-4 days after lifting.


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