Hydration and Fat Loss

Ice, water, an inch of diced cucumber, half a diced lemon and half a squeezed lemon

Ice, water, an inch of diced cucumber, half a diced lemon and half a squeezed lemon!


Staying well hydrated is important for peak physical and mental performance, maintaining normal bodily functions (including a healthy metabolism) and helping reduce or maintain your current level of body fat (amongst other things). Essentially adequate water consumption is essential for fat loss, given it allows you to upkeep a strong metabolic rate, lessens hunger pangs and ultimately prevents the consumption of excess calories, which are then stored as fat.


How much water do I need?

If you are consuming below 2 litres of water per day we would suggest increasing it to this level initially. Generally speaking between 2-3 litres for women and smaller men should be ample, and between 2.5-4 litres for larger people.

On hotter and more active days you need to consume more water, so increasing your target by around 0.5 of a litre would be adequate.

Buying a large bottle of water and marking on it with a marker pen how much you should have drunk by what time of the day is good practice for those of you who simply forget to drink. Or simply keeping note of how many times you have finished off a smaller bottle.


What about diet soft drinks and caffeinated beverages?

Although caffeine is a mild diuretic, it is not as potent as most people envisage. We suggest simply drinking a normal amount of water (as suggested above) and not counting tea or coffee towards this daily total. We would also limit yourself to under 5 cups of tea or coffee per day.

Diet soft drinks are fine in moderation, and can be added to your daily water intake. Although the press these drinks have received has been mixed and divisive, it is of popular opinion in the science and evidence-based fitness community that 1-2 diet/zero calorie soft drinks are absolutely fine to consume per day.


How can I make water more delicious?

Opting for refrigerated water is more refreshing and tasty than mildly cool tap water, but there a lots of little additions you can make, such as:

  • Add fruit or vegetables to your water; cucumber, mint, lemon, lime, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries all go well, adding vitamins/minerals as well as more taste
  • Opt for sparkling water with low/no sugar cordials, squash or fresh cuts of fruit.


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