Mixed Ability Press-Ups

The press-up, an integral and simple exercise that often springs to mind when anyone mentions the word ‘gym’.

However, as with any exercise the key is to perform them to the best of  YOUR ability – and (where necessary) make a small variation to enable you to do so with good form, keeping you injury free.

There is no embarrassment factor behind not being able to do a press-up, but their can be if you do so badly…

For those building up to a full press-up but not quite there yet, try integrating the kneeling version in your next session:

Kneeling Press-Ups

Kneeling Pressup 1Kneeling Pressup 2

Once you have mastered the kneeling press up, ensuring your back remains flat and head neutral and you have the ability to safely control yourself on the way down and equally on the way back up, then it’s time to move on to a full press-up.

Full Press-Ups

Pressup 2Press up 1


With either variations we aim for at least a 2-3 second eccentric (lowering phase), and explosive concentric phase (returning phase). Take care not to lock your elbows out at the top of your movement, and keeping your abs engaged throughout.


All our male and female guides come with a specific substitute section to ensure you can always work within your own capabilities.