This is simply incredible! Meet Melissa Richardson, who has made a life-changing transformation, losing over 11 stone and going from a size 22 to a size 8!

Mellissa’s Story

Melissa was a student, who found her self ballooning to 19st 5lb after living on takeaways, ready meals and sugary snacks. She was given a wake-up call about her unhealthy lifestyle when she saw her graduation pictures.

Melissa, 23,  didn’t realise how much weight she had gained while she studied Business Management at Queen Margaret University – until she saw photos of herself in her robes.

I decided I needed to change my lifestyle after looking at my graduation pictures and realising I would never be able to use them… I didn’t want anyone seeing them because of the way I looked and I was totally embarrassed”. 

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Melissa’s Transformation

Melissa used the taunts, and nasty words to fuel her motivation, and having been called a ‘whale’ she vowed to make a serious change to the way she looked. She downloaded the LDNM Bikini Guide, a fully comprehensive diet and training plan, to burn fat in a safe, sustainable and enjoyable way.

Melissa said, “losing weight wasn’t easy as the beginning, as I felt self-conscious when exercising, but the support from the guys at LDNM and other members of the LDNM Family was incredible and pushed me through”. 

LDNM have helped me so much physically, thanks to them I’ve now lost a total of 11.5 stone! The Bikini Guide enabled me to gently get familiar with the gym, rather than chucking you in at the deep end. You can take the guide at your own pace & learn not only about exercise but about the nutrition as well. Physically the guide has helped me and saved me from destroying my own body, now I am happy & enjoying my life but before I lost the weight was a totally different picture. For me loosing weight was not easy but the support & encouragement from everyone at LDNM has helped me to achieve goals and improve who I am”.

Once the weight started dropping off with the Bikini Guide, my self-confidence rapidly increased”. 


What Would You Say To Others Considering LDNM?

Melissa said that she “hopes her story encourages others to overcome their fear of how they will look and start exercising”

She said: “I know from experience the journey is hard, but you can achieve your goals. Follow the Bikini Guide and you will be supported throughout to get to the body you want, and the body you feel comfortable in.”

“The support from those at LDNM is amazing, they constantly tweet advice or message you back if you’re stuck. Not only do they give advice but everyone else involved with LDNM (using the guides) also gives advice, helps and supports you. LDNM are not just a Company releasing guides they’re a family to everyone involved”.

Ladies Start Your Transformation TODAY – the sooner you start the sooner your results!