The positivity and inspirational transformations never stop here at LDNM. This time its Megan’s (@megs_macro_journey) incredible transformation which we are showcasing. Only 14 weeks into the Bikini Guide, and she has completely transformed not only the way she looks, ditching fat for a toned and defined physique, but it has also transformed her confidence and how she feels.





How Did LDNM Positively Effect You Both Physically & Mentally?

“The Bikini Guide has completely changed my mindset towards training and nutrition as a whole. It’s taught me how to enjoy the foods I love in moderation instead of being scared of them ruining my progress. It’s taught me that my body is a super strong machine that when fuelled correctly, can do amazing things like squat almost twice my bodyweight”.

“It’s given me a whole new passion for and reason to love the gym instead of dreading the hours of pure cardio I was used to and most importantly I am SO happy and so much more confident & content within myself. Although I still love treats like chocolate & crisps, I don’t feel the need to stuff my face with them 24/7″.

“I love how I feel when I’m full of wholesome, nutritious food. It’s been a complete re-education and I don’t want to stop learning, I’m still hoping to make the September Nutrition Course once my bonus comes in”! ????????

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Anyone Else?

“I would recommend the Bikini Guide to anyone and everyone, it’s so simple to follow, it’s not a magic spell by any means as you have to have the determination and will power to stick to it. You have to put in the time in and smash your workouts even on the days you don’t feel like it but it’s worth it and it’s everything you need to know to make a positive change to your health and fitness. Importantly the guide is also designed with normal working, family and social life in mind, meaning that you can actually stick to it without it dominating your life”. 

“It’s also really affordable to buy compared with a lot of other guides on the market and I love that your macros are easy to understand  – there are no secrets or set food plans that cost the earth to buy all the food for, you can eat the foods that you like and can afford”.


Ladies Dont Delay Start TODAY!

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