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We have been very vocal about not being tricked in to wasting money on fad diets and wellness trends such as:

  • Detox Teas,
  • Cleanses,
  • Juice diets,
  • Diet whey shakes,
  • Shake diets,
  • Fat and carb blockers,
  • Waist trainers,
  • Etc.

Below I am going to detail how to make a healthy meal replacement shake you can use for periods where a meal is just not viable- or you have forgotten to prep for work. This will not be like those shakes from companies that promise rapid weight loss, as this shake will actually replace the calories/macros you would expect to find in a meal; not form a loosely protein based shake with ultra-low carbohydrates and fats, with too low a protein content and quality (amino acid profile) to initiate protein synthesis!

Also, the shake I will detail below will not be laced with ‘fat-burning ingredients’, or ‘fat burning foods’. No food will burn fat. Period. Some extracts/micronutrients may help minimally with fat metabolism such as green tea and caffeine. It will also be far, far, far more cost-effective in addition to being healthier and more sustainable.



  • Cinnamon Powder,
  • Dark Cocoa Powder,
  • Vanilla Extract,
  • Matcha Green Tea Powder.

Some of you may not get all the fats you need from this style of shake, so supplementing the meal with a small portion of mixed nuts or a chocolate bar/dark chocolate would work well.

To supplement with extra carbohydrate an apple, banana or higher fibre fruit would also work and be easy to consume on the go. Low fat crisps also work well to eat from a pocket or on the sly!


Good practice if you have space in your work bag is to keep a small set of electric scales, tupperware of instant oats, tupperware of whey and shaker. If you cannot fit all items in your bag, pre-weighing the ingredients and storing them in smaller tubs will work more effectively- check out the Core150 Shaker for a problem solver here!


We state how to include these kind of shakes in our guides, alongside real-life advice to make the guide user-friendly for parents, night-shift workers, vegetarians and anyone who feels their busy/hectic lifestyle will prevent them from using a fitness guide to good effect!

Remember all our Transformation Guides for Men and Women come with a full LDNM Supplement Guide, detailing only effective and useful supplements that can be used alongside the Nutrition section!

Drop us a tweet to @LDN_Muscle if you have any questions or need any assistance!