Undoubtedly the most neglected muscle groups by gym members are all contained within the legs. Personal training clients, friends and gym members all admit to a lack of structure in their leg workouts, and even a lack of actually completing dreaded leg workouts.

Now I’m not claiming this workout will make you love ‘leg-day’, it will probably make you hate it (for at least a few days after!). However it is a base from which to work from- allowing you to build an effective leg day, helping you get those legs you’ve always wanted.


Warm up

  • Stairmaster, cross-trainer, bike, rowing machine
  • 10 minutes
  • Warms up muscles and joints
  • Mentally and physically prepare for the session
  • Dynamic stretches

Main session

 1.)    Front squats: 4 sets (1 warm up set)

  • Select Olympic bar and squat rack
  • Assume position shown in photo
  • Complete 8-12 reps to near failure
  • 60 seconds rest between sets
  • Set 4: complete a triple strip set, with no rest between sets, ALL TO COMPLETE FAILURE.
  • Keeping weight through heels, drop your bum down and backwards until your thighs are parallel with the ground
  • Hold position/isometric contraction for 1 second before powering back to the start position (don’t lock out your knees!)
  • Negative (downward/eccentric phase) should be slow and controlled- 3 seconds from start position to base of the squat.

 2.)    Quad extensions: 3 sets

  • Near failure for 2 sets of 8-12 reps
  • 60 seconds rest between sets
  • Set 3: increase weight only allowing 6-8 reps to failure
  • Then reduce weight by 30-40%, immediately completing 15-20 reps to failure
  • 1 second concentric movement
  • 1 second isometric hold with straight leg
  • 3 second negative movement,

 3.)    Jefferson squats/ dumbbell walking lunge superset: 3 sets

  • Near failure both exercises: 10 reps followed immediately by 20 strides of walking lunges
  • 90 seconds rest between sets
  • Set 3: complete 8-12 Jefferson squats to failure, followed immediately by weighted walking lunges to failure
  • Jefferson squats: 2 second concentric movement,
  • 4 second eccentric movement,
  • 1 second isometric hold at bottom of movement
  • Lunges: complete at a controlled speed

 4.)    Hamstring curl: 3 sets

  • 2 sets: 8-10 reps to near failure
  • 60 seconds rest between sets
  • Set 3: triple strip set: 6-8 reps to failure,
  • Reduce weight immediately and complete 6-10 reps to failure,
  • Same weight complete 25-30 partial repetitions
  • 1 second concentric
  • 1 second isometric
  • 3 seconds eccentric

 5.)    Calf extensions: 5 sets

  • 2 sets toes pointing in, 2 sets toes out, 1 set neutral feet position
  • 15-20 repetitions to failure
  • 45 seconds rest between sets
  • 1 second concentric
  • 2 second isometric hold
  • 2 second eccentric


1.)    Static narrow stance wall squat hold, wide stance jump squats, burpees: 3 sets

  • 60 second narrow stance wall squat hold (thighs parallel to ground),
  • Immediately complete 10 wide stance jump squats,
  • Immediately complete 10 burpees
  • 60 second rest between sets

This is a workout I’ve used myself and inflicted upon PT clients and training partners also. It is great session for men and women alike- so grab a friend or partner, print off this workout, and get down the gym!

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Good luck (:

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