Here we have another simple but effective 6-12-25 Bicep Workout. This protocol has proven very popular and been utilised widely by us guys at LDNM.


To complete this workout you will complete 3-5 rounds of the below:

6 x Barbell Curls (with a 3-4 second eccentric movement)

12 x Dumbbell Zottoman Curls (with a 2-3 second eccentric movement)

25 x Plate Curls (with a 1-2 second eccentric movement)


Aim for minimal rest between exercises, and have 90-120 seconds rest between 6-12-25 sets.


Biceps ahoy ???????? Brutal little 6-12-25 set here guaranteed to give you a silly pump & DOMS for days! ???? 6 barbell curls 12 Zottman curls 25 plate curls Not done 6-12-25 before? Essentially, that idea is that you would do 6 reps (6th rep being failure, 4/5 second eccentric movement), 12 reps on a similar movement (12th rep being failure, 3 second eccentric movement) into a smaller movement for 25 reps where you completely exhaust the muscle (25th rep being failure, 2 second eccentric movement or explode). This circuit is completed 3 – 5 times and usually incorporates a 20-25% weight reduction on the 3rd and 4th sets. Enjoy, & be warned – you won’t be able to do much with your arms afterwards ???????????? ft. @TGE_LDNM Tag someone that loves training ARMS ???????? #LDNMuscle #LDNM #EveryDayIsArmsDay #BicepPump #LDNMWorkout

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