Yet another incredible illustration of how LDNM’s Guides are changing peoples lives. Bride-to-be, Lucy Prest made this amazing transformation, as she felt “awful about her weight” and struggled to shed it after giving birth to her baby daughter, she was determined to change this ahead of her big day.

Not only did Lucy drop from a size 16, to a size 12, she also shed an amazing 2 stone!




Lucy’s Transformation Story

Lucy Prest, found the idea of being photographed in her white dress while still carrying some of the weight she gained during pregnancy ‘unthinkable’.

With just a year between her daughter’s birth in June 2015 and her wedding to fiancee, Jack, Lucy decided to do something about it.

Lucy struggled to lose the weight following the birth of her child Nala-Mae, and was determined to make her Wedding Day as she had planned. She said; “I couldn’t bear the thought of getting married being the size I was. It made me miserable and depressed”.

Lucy downloaded the Bikini Guide, our fully comprehensive female specific fat loss plan. The guide covers everything you need to know when it comes to losing body fat, and is specific to your body type and body weight.

In 14 weeks Lucy lost two stone going from 12 stone 3 lbs to 10 stone 3lbs, and dropped four dress sizes following the guide, going from a size 16 to a 12.

What Would You Say To Anyone Considering LDNM?

Do it!.. Finally a structured diet and training plan that you can stick to, enjoy, get results, and results that last”. I am so grateful to the guys at LDNM for their incredible guide and support, thanks again”.