One things for sure, the transformations never ever stop here at LDNM. You ladies and gents never cease to amaze us with your epic and life-changing progress.

Sof’s transformation is another inspirational journey, and once again testimony to her hard work and of course our unrivalled transformation guides.

Sof sent us her transformation photos alongside this incredible feedback, and we just had to feature it;

“I seriously could not recommend you guys enough!! I’m more toned and lifting a lot heavier and just feeling great! Clothes are fitting and looking good and I can’t wait to see even more progress! So here’s a little before and after..”

Check out this incredible before and after!


How Has LDNM Helped You Both Physically & Mentally?

“Weight has always been an issue with me especially around my hip area as I’m naturally bottom half heavy (pear shaped) and always struggled to get the weight off and tone that area. I’ve tried all sorts of exercise regimes like slimming world etc but didn’t really know how to manage exactly what I was eating aswell as when to eat them and how much. I’ve never had a set gym plan either I’ve just gone with what I thought would be good for my body.That had a big impact on me because I was down all the time I didn’t like going out because I felt disgusting in clothes because of the bumps in my hips and I hit rock bottom.”

I’ve followed LDNM for a while but never looked into you properly until the 30th of November 2016, when I thought I have to take this step and download the Bikini Guide. I needed to make a change because it was so important for my confidence and also my career (acting). Having been on the guide for a little over 6 weeks I’am now so much more knowledgeable on nutrition and exercise and counting macros has really helped! I’m so much happier and my energy levels are so much higher than before, this allows me me to lift heavier and put 110% into every workout. I now feel confident wearing clothes that complement my waist and also my hips/booty! I’ve had to come to terms that will always be my shape but doesn’t mean I can’t improve it. You guys have transformed how I look, and now there’s no more huge bumps and lumps! My weight was 12 stone and I’ve now gone down to 10st12 but I have more definition in my legs arms and even my back which I never thought I would. I have both lost fat and increased my lean muscle mass, and look so much more toned.  My waist went from 30 inches to 26 inches and my hips went from 42 to 44 inches!” 

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I would recommend LDNM to everyone who wants to feel good about themselves and see what the body is really capable of and how it’s important to look after it! The guide is amazing, and has 16 weeks of gym workouts and 15 weeks of bonus home workouts, all with Beginner, intermediate and advanced options (both for diet and training).  It’s the best £79 I have ever spent. Save your money on pointless unhealthy fads and get the Bikini Guide.  I truly believe I will never go back to the state I was in in 2016 and its all thanks to you guys and the Bikini Guide“. 

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