Here at LDNM every single persons journey is important to us, and we love nothing more than being updated wth incredible transformation testimonials.

Take a read of Lily Powell’s inspirational Bikini Guide journey below;


Lily’s Story

“At my heaviest I was 11stone 5pounds and was so unhappy and lacked the motivation to do anything. My diet was rubbish I just snacked on sugary foods instead of having meals most of the time. I knew I needed to change but needed a kick to get me started. My boyfriend helped me get into the right mind set with his LDNM Cutting Guide and got me on track with my eating and nutriton first, and that was by far the hardest step. We then started exercising together and I loved it. For a few months I was up and down with my weight and couldn’t seem to stay consistent with my weight loss because I hadn’t really educated myself on proper eating and correct training. That’s when I turned to the LDNM Bikini Guide and it gave me all the guidance I needed to set me on the right path. 

I now weigh 9stone 4pounds and I’m so happy with my body. I’ve managed to develop muscle definition and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. I meal prep every week and always have proper meals, no more skipping dinner! 

LDNM has given me the knowledge to change my lifestyle and become healthy and happy both mentally and physically. 
I would recommend to anyone looking to either loose weight or get into great shape. It makes such a difference when you have a guide to follow and such great support.

I have fallen I love with the industry and I’m now qualified as a level 2 instructor and have enrolled on a PT course later this year. I can’t wait to see where my journey goes from here.

 Thank you LDNM and I will be seeing you on the Nutrition Course soon! Massive thank you!! Lily Powell”. 

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