Lifting accessories are not mandatory, but can certainly be extremely helpful for those of us who train at the gym!

Lifting straps, wrist supports and gloves all have their place; with factors such as hygiene, grip and support all coming into play. The importance of these accessories for longer term progress, through achieving more reps than you otherwise would have, or simply avoiding injury and fortifying your confidence, is something we believe in strongly.

Check out our LDNM Straps and Supports Bundle, and our LDNM Lifting Gloves.


Lifting Straps:

Lifting Straps 4

These are ideal for use on very heavy sets, where grip would otherwise become an issue. These will not prevent your grip getting stronger, given you still need to grip the bar properly, but rather allow the target muscle groups to fail (namely the legs and back) before the smaller muscles in the forearms and hands.

Lifting straps are great for those of us who’s grip lets down our sets all too commonly, and for those who have chronic injuries or issues reducing the ability to grip properly or effectively. They shouldn’t be used for every pulling exercise when they are not needed, and this article on improving hand/grip strength is worth a read!

We use these for heavy deadlifts, deadlift variations and shrugging exercises. Essentially, on leg and back days we will always have these in our bag if needs be!


Wrist Supports:


These are great for those of us who struggle to keep the wrists in a neutral/straight position on chest, shoulder and arm exercises. The tendency for most of us is to let the wrist extend too much, which is where the hand bends backward and palm faces away from us. Those with weaker wrists may also notice the wrist deviate away from the body when using dumbbells – where the dumbbells tilt away from the body and the wrist bends sideways.

Wrist supports (also referred to as wrist wraps) are great for support when you have a slight niggle in the wrist, for added confidence on heavy sets or wrist-heavy exercises (barbell curls and skull crushers for example) and for those with conditions that reduce the strength through the wrist/hand area.

We use wrist straps on heavy pressing and arm work, and more recently I’ve used these on the majority of my chest, shoulders and arms days as my right wrist is recovering from an injury.


Lifting Gloves:


For some people these can help improve their grip, but some thicker gloves will actually impair the longevity of our grip. Luckily the LDNM gloves are compact, true to size and made of high quality materials.

Gloves are great for hygiene purposes, given many people actually tear calluses/cut skin on the barbells when deadlifting or griping a heavy load. They also help prevent the formation of hard, rough skin on the fingers and palms, which nobody likes!

We use lifting gloves frequently, especially on higher rep and pulling exercise days. Also when training at busier public gyms, or those where the weights are very cold!

Women’s lifting gloves.



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