Meet Lewis, one of tens of thousands of LDNM members who have completely transformed the way they look and feel using our infamous Transformation Guides.

Not only has Lewis, shredded body fat, he has also drastically increased his lean muscle mass, thanks to our Cutting Guide (to shred body fat) and then subsequently our Bulking Bible (to build muscle). Remember both are available together in our epic bundle deal.

Lewis Before LDNM


Lewis After LDNM



Lewis’s Story 

After being snapped on holiday with his top off, Lewis felt “overweight and out of shape” and was determined to “turn his life around“. Before LDNM Lewis said; “I was training at the gym but really had no idea about what foods and nutrients I needed to consume to get in shape”…

Craving proper guidance, Lewis turned to our Cutting Guide to enable him to reach his goals, and said, “The guide has been invaluable, not only has it enabled me to effectively structure my training, but it has also taught me so much information about nutrition, and it also addressed a few of my misconceptions about eating to gain muscle”. 

 “Prior to LDNM I just assumed (wrongly) that the more food and protein I consumed, the bigger I’d get”. I wasn’t taking into account how much fat, sugars and carbs were in the food I was eating, or my total calories, let alone macro breakdowns…”


What Positive Mental Benefits have you seen?

“The guide has boosted my confidence no-end. I feel happy with my body, happy to take my top off, and proud and confident on holidays now, this is priceless”. 


What Would You Say To Others Considering LDNM?

I would confidently recommend the LDNM Guides to anyone who trains, or is new to training. The guides prove that you don’t have to tirelessly be at the gym for hours on end, everyday to keep fit or stay in shape. They provide a realistic approach for anybody type or starting point”. 

“The guys at LDNM have been nothing but supportive towards me and as well as the guides, they have answered any questions I’ve had along the way via their Twitter and Instagram pages. They have transformed me both physically and mentally. The sooner you start, the sooner you can turn your life around”!

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