Following thousands of life-changing transformations and testimonials Team LDNM have been approached by the media to document the stories and journeys behind your LDNM Transformations – This is where we need YOU!

This applies to absolutely anyone, including those who have already featured in our LDNM Results Gallery. There are no age, gender, height or other requirements, everyone’s achievement and progress is equally valid and valuable. This is your chance to feature in the national press (of course with your prior consent) and in doing so help thousands of others to get motivated and find the confidence to positively change their lives too.

The LDNM Community prides itself on being supportive and positive, there is consistent praise and encouragement for all those who send their photos and transformations in. We all have different starting points and commitments and every single persons journey has an impact on others around them.

Get behind our campaign and send your transformation in or encourage others around you to do so.

Help us, to help you to help others!




What information do we need from you to feature?

All transformations need to be emailed to [email protected]. Your email MUST follow the following format and include the following information.

  1. Email Subject must read ‘LDNM Transformation’
  2. Which guide(s) did you/ do you follow
  3. TWO clear images detailing your ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot.
  4. The time period that the transformation took.
  5. Your stats (where possible) so weight gained/lost/ measurements etc.
  6. A brief paragraph on how this has changed your life and the effect it has had on your both visually and confidence etc.


We look forward to your transformations. Remember of course that we will ONLY publish transformations with your consent.

Gallery of Transformations