The LDNM Holiday Shopping List


Holidays are a time to go a bit mental, get a tan & show off your hard earned progress (amongst other activities…) – this certainly doesn’t mean though you’ve got to let your aesthetics suffer while you’re at it. You can still easily eat/drink well enough to return home without an extra chin & your abs in tact, just requires being slightly sensible & not piling down pizza & Maxibon’s 24/7. (even though they are unbelievable)

Here’s a quick run-down of what we’ve all been buying/eating while jollying abroad;


Tinned fish (in brine/water – do your best to translate/guess what the tins say!) Have a variety, ie don’t have too much of any one type ie oily (Mackerel/Sardines) or Tuna.

Ricecakes – try to make sure these aren’t maize based & are wholegrain. (Might require a bit of guesswork/google translate!)

Nuts – Almonds, always a favourite. Cashews too go down a treat. Snacking on crap can be avoided by just having these in the hotel room, or in your bag for the day.

Cottage Cheese  If you’ve got a fridge, grab some cottage cheese. We recently even found some where we were in Croatia. Not typical party animal food, but when you’re a shredder, you do these things.

Beef Jerky – if you can find it, go for it. Try to get plain, as the flavoured ones are usually sugary & have a heap of salt in.

Tinned Veg – we’ve been buying tinned peas, carrots, sweetcorn, olives etc. Good to throw in with a homemade snack with some fish & cottage cheese. Keeps your vitamins up & importantly fills you up without stodging you full of rubbish.

Oatcakes – make sure they’re as close to 100% oats as possible. Can even bring these from home if possible.

Eggs/fresh meat- Depending on your cooking facilities, you can obviously buy eggs & fresh meat to cook up as you would at home. But the above will really be most useful if you’ve got a bog-standard hotel room.


If you get caught out, and want/need to eat at a restaurant – grilled chicken is always a winner. Salad can often be washed/prepared in suspect ways though abroad – so proceed with caution. Ask for cooked veg instead is our advice. And avoid tap water/ice if you want to avoid spending your time on the toilet.


Boring one first;


Make sure your hotel/apartment is completely stocked up at all times. Drink every time you feel even vaguely thirsty – a week or more dehydration will do its best to ebb away at your gains. A hydrated body is a happy body – besides, you’ll just feel terrible if not hydrated. Several litres a day minimum when in hot climate. If training in the hot weather, you’ll need to drink a huge amount more or your strength will hugely suffer & you could get cramping.

If you’re drinking most evenings (of course you will be) – it’s a good idea to not only get a load of water down before bed (helps the hangover MASSIVELY), but also have a multivit/electrolyte dissolved into your water when you wake up in the morning. Some have sugary additive rubbish in – so read the labels


Getting smashed is part of most peoples holidays, fine, great. This is where a lot of people fall down & wreck their gains though, (and not just abroad). We will always stock up on reasonably decent vodka, sparkling water/diet tonic water & fresh limes. Bear in mind, tonic water isn’t fantastic for you, non diet containing sugar & chemicals & the diet/slim one containing mainly chemicals such as the lovely aspartame. Try swap for sparkling water & chuck some fresh lime in where you can. Not the tastiest drink in the world, but taste should be somewhat irrelevant if you’re a serious shredder.

Stick largely to the above, use common sense, & most importantly enjoy yourself while keeping your gains. And if people ask you what you’re eating/drinking & why – with a sneer on their face – tell them to direct their complaints and queries to us @LDN_Muscle