Words can’t describe how it feels when we see someone turn their life around, and transform the way they look and feel using our LDNM Guides. This is the story of inspiration James Barnes.

The photos speak a thousand words of themselves, but take a read of James’ inspirational story  which you can find below his amazing transformation photos.

Before LDNM


After The Cutting Guide                                 Now using the Bulking Bible



Which LDNM Guides did you use?

I used the Cutting Guide initially to shred fat and build lean muscle. I have now moved onto the Bulking Bible to focus on adding more size. I got both at the same time using their Cutting and Bulking Bundle here.

How have the LDNM Guides affected your life?

Before starting I was very over weight and didn’t exercise at all, I had no strength or cardiovascular endurance whatsoever I’d be breathing heavy just walking upstairs.

Mentally the guides benefited me hugely, more than words can express. I was always a secret eater and would emotion eat due to being bullied which lead to feeling lonely, sad and bored. I went through a stage of attempting to eat clean to try and improve myself but it ended up in worse binges. With LDNM and their flexible dieting approach with no foods ruled out I no longer binge and it’s made me realise you can eat whatever you like as long as it’s accounted for and still achieve your goals, I no longer feel restricted or frozen out from life just because I want to get fit. 

How’s it changed your life? Did you have confidence issues before? 

It’s flipped my life round 360 degrees. Before I was incredibly shy, I’d dread holidays and occasions where I’d have to go topless (swimming was a no go) and all my mates were slim, so I always felt like the odd one out, no self confidence at all.

The guides started to transform my body and made me feel more confident in myself to go out and socialise more and to actually feel comfortable and not worry when in topless situations. The guides have honestly transformed my confidence so much I’m literally a different person and a million times happier. 

Why would you recommend LDNM to others? 

I’d recommend LDNM to others because, I have a busy job so I can only fit in a 45 minute training session daily, I go out and socialise on weekends, but can still achieve results. 

Their guides are a such a positive addition to my life, fun yet challenging. It’s also great to socialise with them and like minded people via their twitter.  No foods at all are off limits either so just because your working on your body it doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself from reality and social events (with being a 24 year old lad I don’t wanna miss out by sitting indoors having to eat broccoli 24/7) The guides are easy to read and follow, full of superb tips and illustrations.

I couldn’t recommend LDNM enough, their guides have taught me a lot of knowledge which I’ll be able to use for life ensuring ill never get back to the way I was before.  

Cant thank you guys enough!

James Barnes.

We really hope you found that as inspiring as us! Now its YOUR Turn!

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