LDNM: The Workout App


Our brand new fitness app has gone live, and is already challenging for top spot worldwide of ALL paid apps available! It has reached second place in under 12 hours, with a fantastic rating and lots of positive reviews to boot! Search LDNM: The Workout App in the App Store and the Google Play for Android users to download the app and get going.

The LDNM App is a fantastic tool for any level of gym user, and is ideal to use alongside the LDNM Transformation Guides. It is not a direct replacement for the LDNM Guides that are the ultimate tool for anyone looking to progress in the gym or from home, but it is still a great app to have regardless of whether you own one or not!

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The Workout App allows you to build and structure your own workouts from the exercise library provided, which is clearly broken down into muscle groups for ease of use. These workouts can be named and saved for later reference- perfect for future and repeated use, or for programming your clients’ solo workouts between PT sessions.

There is a written explanation, photos and demonstrative videos for each exercise. This makes the app perfect for all trainers, especially those less confident of their technique! We also include a couple of pre-built workouts, ideal to use in order to get to grips with the app or to source inspiration for designing your own sessions.

HIIT Timer:

This handy feature allows you to set the length of your cardio sessions simply and easily, and even comes with a countdown period at the beginning to (force you to) get started! Then we give you free reign over the length of the efforts, the amount of intervals and the rest periods- making this timer perfect for Tabata, HIIT and any form of interval based training.

The timer also counts down when approaching a change over, from 3 seconds until the transition. This can be via earphones or played out loud on your phone to save constant reference during your training, allowing you to train at a greater intensity.


In the nutrition section of the app we detail 19 delicious meals, which are easy to prepare, cook and serve (or store); for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! The recipe and nutritional information is all included, and you need simply adjust the weight of each meal to better fit your caloric needs.

Recipes from notable health and food bloggers including Clean Eating Alice and soon The Food Grinder are also included. So as you can expect, the variety is fantastic and the meals are extremely inviting and tasty! This is just a taster- new recipes can and will be added as we develop the app!

Tracking Your Progress:

In this app we allow you to compare progress selfies to one another, in order to see how you have progressed in a body-composition sense, with a date stamp too. These do not have to be taken there and then either- so simply allow the app access to your camera roll and upload a recent selfie rather than trying to be inconspicuous in the gym changing room or at work!

We also allow you to save the exercises, sets, reps, rest periods and the weight used in the Exercise Tracking section. You can also leave notes, ideal for reminding yourself to increase the weight next time or to denote any additional reps or drop sets. This is ideal to ensure you are applying progressive overload to your own training in order to keep progressing efficiently, acting as an easy access record of all your lifts for each session. This also serves as a handy tool for personal trainers and coaches, as we all know how easily clients forget the weights they lifted without you!

VIP Offers:

This section will have special offers exclusive to the app that will be added and updated frequently. This will encompass supplements, LDNM clothing and food deals most commonly.

Until Thursday the 10th of March we are running a 10% off all LDNM Clothing code exclusive to LDNM: The Workout App owners. This will technically save you more money on a clothing order (in general), than the minimal cost of the app!

Buy the LDNM Workout App here!