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As of Wednesday the 18th of May we released our own range of supplements. The LDNM Supplements are the core supplements we use daily, and are made up of the below:



We realised that for too long we had been working alongside companies that didn’t align with our founding ethos. Our ethos being not selling a dream, and showing sustainable, steroid-free, non-photoshopped examples of what can be achieved in regards to fat loss and or muscle gain in a realistic time-frame.

As with everything we have released, our supplement line will be no different. It will not become gimmicky, and will be realistic, sustainable, effective and of an industry-leading standard. Our ingredient quality will be kept very high, being manufactured and at top facilities in Europe.

The range will be expanding with other handy additions, but we will always ensure that whether a supplement or product is for performance or for convenience, that it will be backed by solid evidence, produced to a high quality and be genuinely useful and good value.


We would like to thank you guys for your continued support from day one with our development from a £4 domain to the present day. We wouldn’t be where we are – able to release a no bullsh*t supplement brand alongside our industry-leading transformation guides and educational centre – without the amazing loyalty, invaluable support and motivation you have supplied us with.

Let’s change the industry together again, with honest supplements and a no BS, sustainable approach to nutrition, health and fitness.