I admit it; i’m a fruit fanatic, and chocolate fanatic, and general smoothie lover- so check these five delicious smoothie recipes out to liven up your pre or post-workout (perfect to prep if in a rush):

Smoothie 1: The Pale One

• 130g low fat natural yoghurt
• 1 medium frozen banana sliced
• 2 scoops of LDNM Strawberry Whey
• 200ml orange juice
• 100ml of water & 5 ice cubes.
Carbohydrates: 59g (45g sugar, 5g dietary fibre)
Protein: 39g
Fats: 5g


Smoothie 2: The Green One

• Handful of torn baby spinach leaves
• Handful of chopped kale
• 2 scoops of LDNM Vanilla Whey
• 2 diced kiwis
• Medium frozen banana sliced
• 200ml unsweetened almond milk
• 150ml water & 2-3 ice cubes
• Teaspoon of cinnamon
Carbohydrates: 46g (32g sugar, 7g fibre)
Protein: 34g
Fats: 6g


Smoothie 3: The Burgundy One

• 100ml boiling water, dissolved teaspoon of raw honey & green tea bag (brew for 2 minutes)
• 200g Tesco (‘Country Store’) frozen Mixed Fruit
• 200ml unsweetened almond milk
• 50g of rolled oats
• 2 scoops of LDNM Strawberry Whey
Carbohydrates: 53g (23g sugars, 10g fibre)
Protein: 38g
Fats: 10g


Smoothie 4: The Purple One (my favourite)


• 150g of fresh cherries (with pips removed)
• 200ml Koko dairy free coconut milk
• 15g finely chopped 85-90% dark chocolate
• 2 scoops of LDNM Vanilla Whey
• 60g of rolled oats
• 100ml of water & 3-5 ice cubes
Carbohydrate: 81g (19g sugars, 8g dietary fibre)
Protein: 41g
Fats: 19g


Smoothie 5: The Sweet One (post-workout favourite)

• 5 jelly babies finely chopped
• 2 scoops of LDNM Strawberry Whey
• Medium banana sliced
• 200ml almond milk
• 200ml water & 3 ice cubes
Carbohydrate: 55g (40g sugars, 4g dietary fibres)
Protein: 33g
Fats: 5g



Feel free to change the ingredient amounts, modify the macros totals and customise them. As always tweet your feedback to @LDN_Muscle.

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