Well where do we even start?

First things first, we want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to come and say hi to us.

We were completely overwhelmed and honoured to have met hundreds of the LDNM Family, and loved all the positive words and vibes, and hearing first hand about your transformations and journeys on our renowned LDNM Guides. 

It’s not often that we are all able to meet as a full team (Max, James, Lloyd, Tom, Richie and Alice), as our working lives make it very difficult to find a time where we all can, so the weekend really was a rarity for us guys too.

So what did we think of the Expo itself?

In our opinion the majority of the expo was either about a brightly coloured and overpriced supplement being pedalled to you or people grabbing freebies (nothing wrong with that!)

For us at Team LDNM, we didn’t manage to see any of the guest talks, so can’t comment here, but other than that we found very little of interest or worth. The majority of the companies and exhibits on offer seemed to sway heavily against our founding ethos. The notion of an individual that weighs over 100kg and at sub 5% body fat ,insisting that an over priced whey protein is the key to their physique, is, for us, insulting.

We found ourselves seeing people taken in by much of the marketing and dream selling that we strongly feel is rife in the supplement industry, and it’s sad to see. All this has done is made us guys more determined to keep the realism coming and getting the message further out there.

It was so reassuring to hear from so many of you guys and girls, that you too saw through the marketing ploys, and could see the stark reality of the industry for yourselves. Out of all the years we have been, this year really did seem like the turning point. We met with so many followers and non-followers alike, who were seriously disenchanted with the false pretence that engulfed the NEC.

Will we be going next year?

Of course we will!

LDNM will always be committed and passionate about helping others, and keeping our ethos strong and pronounced. The more people that realise the worrying truth that underpins much of the industry, the more people who will hopefully stay fit and healthy and not find themselves spending their hard earned cash on nothing more than a dream.


An Upcoming LDNM Event

In light of the success of this year’s expo and the overwhelming number of supportive followers we met we will be hosting an official LDNM meet up. Full details will be revealed in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.