We are two sets of brothers from South-West London with a passion for nutrition and training for health, fitness and aesthetic goals. We set up www.LDNMuscle.com (EST. August 2012) as a way of creating an informative website that could answer all the questions we commonly received on topics such as diet, recovery and training and to give people, honest and realistic advice.

We all have full-time jobs and varying commitments whilst running LDNM, whilst also finding time to fit in intense training and a structured diet. This allows us to have  greater empathy with our followers than the majority of other companies and fitness models, who have the luxury of training full-time.

We are, and always have been 100% natural, using only legal, commonly available supplements– strictly no pro-hormones, steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. We are intent on spreading the natural ethos we all uphold. LDNM aims to open people’s eyes to the dishonesty, false claims and naturally unattainable physiques that are so often sold to people with a gimmicky supplement or generic one size fits all plan.

We at LDNM are also 100% independent, having repeatedly turned down various sponsorship offers – this allows us to give unbiased, simple, honest and realistic advice.

In recent times we have chosen to release our own limited and beneficial supplement range. The range is limited ONLY to those products which we ourselves use and value, and as ever we have focused on quality over profit. You will never find us selling gimmicky ‘fat burners’ type products. We are here to genuinely help you, not pull the wool over your eyes, like so many others…

Our approach & how we strive to achieve our goals;

  • Diet is the biggest factor- optimal training intensity, and health and fitness related goals will never be fully achieved by the average working person without the accompaniment of a good diet plan. Male Plans HERE. Female Plans HERE.
  • We spare you from unscrupulous claims- the supplement industry makes bold claims about almost every supplement they market. Commonly using monstrous ambassadors and models to implicitly suggest that they work wonders. The vast amount of supplements don’t do what the company, or the hulk- like models promise, and will only truly work when combined with the key factor: a strong diet.
  • We’re all proud to practice what we preach- our individual progress has not been drastic over a period of months, we have had to work hard year on year, learning from our mistakes and determining what kind of training and nutrition works for us; all four of us with different genetic strengths and weaknesses.
  • This ethos is engrained within all the LDNM Guides and Packs. Our guides include fully comprehensive diet and training plans specific to your body type and bodyweight, and our packs focus on specific muscle group workouts, ideal for addressing weakness areas. Both our Guides and Packs feature a valuable and diverse input from each of the members of #TeamLDNM.

Unlike many other companies, LDNM offers everyone 24/7 advice, support and motivation with NO hidden agendas.

Best of luck on achieving your health, fitness and aesthetic goals, we wish you every success from all of us here at Team LDNM:

Max, Lloyd, James & Tom.