As a thank you to all our kind, loyal and supportive follower’s- we have negotiated a number of discount codes for you guys and girls to take full advantage of.

Remember that diet and training are BOTH integral in your transformation, and supplements we utilise more as convenience tools.

All our LDNM Guides come with a fully comprehensive diet, suggested meals and of course a supplement guide.




Look no further than our all new and exclusive LDNM Supplement range. High quality, great prices. Honest supplements with an honest ethos.

We have set the prices so low, they are at discount prices already!

Choose from;

Whey Protein.






The best quality and value meat we have come across by a long-shot, delivered straight to your door. Also suppliers of your usual essentials such as liquid egg whites, nut butters and a whole host more.


For NEW Customers ONLY

Click here and enter ‘LM6088‘- enter this at the checkout to receive 4x FREE Chicken Breasts. 

For EXISTING Customers

Click here and enter ‘LDNMUSCLE’ enter this at the checkout to receive 4x FREE Chicken Breasts.


TEAM LDNM’s Top Picks at Musclefoods:

5kg Chicken Breasts

Buying in bulk not only saves those dreaded supermarket journeys but also saves you a small fortune. This is our most frequently bought item. Click here and enter ‘LDNMUSCLE‘ at the checkout for another 4x Free Chicken Breasts.

Quest Bars

If you haven’t tried them you simply don’t know what you are missing out on! Believe all they hype, they are every bit as delicious as everyone says…

As ever Musclefoods are running a great deal on these right here, don’t forget to enter ‘LDNMUSCLE‘ at the checkout for 4x Free Chicken Breasts too!


New Customers
All new customers receive 5 free 7-8oz barn reared chicken breasts, with no added salt or water when you spend just £25. Simply enter code GOMEAT at checkout and the FREE chicken worth £10 will be added to your basket.
Existing Customers
Save 30% on the delicious 30 piece lean meat hamper including succulent, premium high protein chicken breasts with no added water, British grass fed steaks and lean mince, and gluten free, MSG & additive free lean sausages. Worth £65, yours for just £45.50. Just add the hamper to your basket and use code ‘GOLEAN’ at checkout. 



Exclusive LDNM Discount of 15% and FREE delivery off Coconut Oil at when you use code ‘LDNM15‘ at the checkout.

Ideal for cooking or added to coffee as a pre-workout drink.

SPORTS GADGETS: stock a diverse range of sporting gadgets ideal for those fitness enthusiasts amongst you. 

Simply click HERE and enter code ‘LDNMUSCLE’ at the checkout for an exclusive 5% discount.

Great place to get a Polar Ft4 Hear Rate Monitor – a product JE has himself reviewed and rates highly here.




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