We have recently begun to feature some of the incredible and inspiring stories that often under pin the transformations that we are sent…
This latest story is no exception, and we have huge respect for @Davcav23
Here’s his story…
Hi guys;
I just wanted to get in touch with you all, to mainly thank you for all your help in more ways than one! I am relatively new to you and your guides (just under a year) but they have helped me mentally and physically. I still have a long way to go in both aspects but I can say that my relationship with food is better than it has been for a long time but by no means perfect. As I was seriously under weight & unhealthy, and had previously just focused on losing as much weight as I could. I didn’t care how, so long as the figure on the scales went down. This was as a result of bullying and being overweight in my younger years. So went from one end of the spectrum to the other. I was a member of a gym but solely did cardio & would NOT eat afterwards, due to thinking I would put weight back on. I had previously never been in or near the weights room as I found it intimidating due to being shy and slightly introverted – not to mention that I was clueless on what to do anyway.”
It took me a hell of a long time to admit or even see that I had problems and it was even harder trying to rectify these after such a long time. I feel that I have out trained my really bad habits but did have a relapse that made me stop the Bulking Bible (after 16 weeks), due to a comment I received – not helped by a holiday looming. I know I shouldn’t of but it was hard not too. As a result I then moved on to the Cutting Guide as a compromise – in my head anyway to feel better about myself and within myself. I know this was silly of me but this is better than what i’ve done in the past and hopefully will get better in time too.”
“I will try the bulk again in it’s entirety later this year, as think this will be easier and less pressure in the winter months. As I did enjoy it and was great to finally have a structure as well as a huge benefit nutritionally.  Never understood macros nor how to work them out (as not the brightest) and the likes but your guide was simple and easy to understand.”
“I have attached the latest picture of me as well as one of me in my unhealthy underweight days (not at my skinniest weight). Hoping to carry on transforming with your guidance and support. Then one day who knows maybe I can make your Transformations and maybe, just maybe inspire at least one person!”
“I used to like people saying how skinny I was but I now realise this was not a compliment but a polite way of telling me that I am unhealthy and too skinny!! Now I worry about losing too much weight/muscle. So that is progress!”
“Sorry for all the waffling but I have been meaning to send you something along these lines for a while. Plus i just wanted to thank you all for all your hard work, help, support and motivation. Plus hopefully you can understand why I ask you silly questions at time and worry about doing things right etc.”
“Once again thank you though. As you have given me structure in my workouts as well as in my diet – which I have become addicted to. I just need to find a balance, as I know I neglect friendships/relationships. So hopefully I can start to focus on this aspect of my life next.”
“Keep up the great work all and thank you for your time and efforts!”
LDNM Family Member
Massive respect to David from all of us here at Team LDNM, keep up the hard work.
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