There is nothing we love more than seeing peoples’ epic transformations, when we say they change peoples lives we mean it.

We were overwhelmed by Chris Wakefield’s (@Its_Wakey) story, and wanted to share it…


I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while to show my appreciation and gratitude to everyone at LDNM. You lot helped me and gave me the motivation to sort myself out, and I’m sure I’m one of 1000’s”


So I figured I’d do a write up of my transformation from the Cutting Guide V1, through the Bulking Bibles and now onto the Current Cutting Guide


My Background

I’m 24, 6ft 2, always been a bit chubby and for the past 6 1/2 years I have working in the RAF as an aircraft engineer so have a busy lifestyle.


Like I said before I used to be a bit chubby.


Me aged 18:




“I then Joined the RAF and subsequently lost a fair bit of weight, still wasn’t looking like I wanted though. Then 3 years ago, I purchased the CGV1 and managed to achieve this.”




“ I then decided I wanted to see how big I could get and after some terrible advice from an unscrupulous (steroid user) I went on a massive dirty bulk where I basically ate everything. I think at my heaviest I was just over 100kg, but I was a high body fat.”




“This was last year, and with summer approaching I purchased the CGV2.”

 “What I’m more impressed with and grateful for, was the service and assistance I had during last summer. As while I was trying to cut I got sent to afghan for 4 months. With advice and email support from you guys advising me on my eating and training while working 12-14 hour shifts for 4 months straight, I ended up looking the best I ever had”



“After this I got the Bulking Bible V2, intent on making lean gains and not getting fat. Things were going well even though I injured myself a couple of times with a dislocated shoulder and even fracturing my back which I’m still at physio for now. But I kept things steady and with some advice on training around injuries from Max (MB) I made things work.



“And now finally my Cutting Guide achievement, I finished the guide last week before a weeks holiday in Spain, from which I’ve just returned”





“I’m literally so happy with what I’ve achieved. The pictures do me no favours as I’m not a big selfie fan, but I’m the best shape I have ever ever been!

Everyone on holiday commented on how good I was looking and I’ve told them all to get on the LDNM’s Guides!


My Legs have always been a weakness area and stubborn, but again I can’t believe the progress my legs have made too.”



“I now weigh dead on 80kg and my plan is to now maintain my condition over the summer with the Cutting Guide and then come September, get on the Bulking Bible”


I know for a fact I couldn’t of done it without the support and info from you lot. And I guess the only reason I’m doing this is in the hope that someone will see and realise that there’s no bull**** with LDNM, just genuinely nice guys who are out to help people.

Everyone needs to get involved!”


Truly inspirational transformation, and journey, be sure to send us yours simply email [email protected]

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Thank you so much, LDNM!