As ever we love to hear and see your progress. Our latest feature is absolutely epic, featuring three friends, who jointly found LDNM and used our world renowned guides to achieve 3 LDNM Cutting Guide Transformations.

Incredible stories from all three guys- truly inspirational!



Name: Gregor Findlay

Height: 5’8”

Current weight: 70kg

Gfindlay 1 Gfindlay 2

“I started ‘training’ and I use that term loosely, around three years ago, the first of which was spent mindlessly plodding around the gym doing unstructured ‘workouts’ (again, I use the term loosely.) My workouts consisted of anything that targeted my Chest, Shoulders or Arms and I, of course didn’t train legs- partly due to playing football and also because I had no idea what a squat or straight leg deadlift were! Form, tempo and different rep ranges were alien concepts to me and I was certain I could out-train my horrendous diet. The above photos are my ‘before’ photos, and to be quite honest I’m not proud of them, I had no definition, considerably high levels of body fat and just generally didn’t look good.”

How did you find the guide? Did training together help?

“After stumbling across LDNM I could instantly tell they were different from other companies. They were straight to the point and told you exactly what you needed to know without trying to peddle some brightly coloured, chemical bomb of a pre workout or some form of brick dust protein powder. After purchasing the Cutting Guide. I was immediately astounded at the depth and quality of the information. Being an Endo-Mesomorph I had always believed that Abs were a mythical muscle group for me, but low and behold after 7 weeks of following the guide, I had unearthed them! I believe that this is not only due to the workouts, but also getting my diet in check. I consistently track macros on the My Fitness Pal app (username-gfindlay1) the guide also introduced me to this and I am incredibly grateful they did so! I also maintain that being lucky enough to train with my best mates, Tom and Fraser, is an integral part to my success within the gym. Whether its screaming at me to force out another rep, spotting me when going for a new 1RM or coming round to my house to wake me up after I sleep through my alarm (conveniently on leg day!) In all seriousness, without the guys I wouldn’t enjoy training half as much as I do and if the journey to the destination is no fun, then what’s the point?”

How have you found LDNM in terms of support?

“Let me paint the scene- you’re in bed and its 2am. You’re worrying about tomorrow’s workout. You’re unsure whether you should squat as your lower back has been troubling you but you aren’t sure of a substitute exercise, so you ping over a tweet to the gents at LDNM. Within 2 minutes you get a reply- that JE must be nocturnal! This kind of service is what separates LDNM from the other companies-round the clock service and sub two minute replies-what more could you want? Personally, I find the many transformation pictures that the guys regularly post up to be particularly inspiring, these are real, natural people with real jobs and not some roided up fool who has so much oil in him that America are ready to invade!”


Gfindlay4Gfindlay 3

“After running the guide, up until my first trip abroad this summer, which was last week, I have never looked or felt better in my own opinion. I was shredded while still carrying a good serving of muscle mass- something which, in the past, id thought I would have to compromise. I still have a few jaunts abroad left this summer and let’s be honest a tan and a good physique go hand in hand! Going forward, I plan to maintain my current physique, and possibly get even leaner until rounding of my summer in Marbella in August. Upon my return, it’s all aboard the gain train for that winter bulk!

It genuinely is refreshing to see a honest and real company that we can all relate to as there are far too many gimmicks, lies and marketing ploys in the fitness industry. I would urge anyone to check out LDNM and get on board- fantastic guides, regular giveaways, some sexy LDNM apparel, ridiculous haircuts (JE) and copious amounts of fake natty bashing are just a few of the things these Gents, and Clean Eating Alice, of course, offer. Thanks again, guys. Gregor”

Twitter: @Gfindlay1



Name:   Tom Hamilton

Age:       21

Height: 181cm

Weight: 75kg

About Me

“I started lifting weights about three years ago for the sole reason of getting bigger and looking better. Naturally, I’ve always been a bit of a rake. Alongside being dealt the cruel genetic fate of ectomorphia, I spent most of my teenage years playing football, eating crap and generally disregarding my physique.

I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 18, booked a holiday and then set about trying to put on some size. The first gym I joined was pretty decent actually – old school equipment and relatively inexpensive. Without any real understanding of form or tempo, I began to fling about some weights. The pictures below are around 6 months apart and mark the minimal progress I made whilst guessing how to lift and solely training ‘chest and arms’.”


How did you find the guide? Did training together help?

“The guides provided me with a form of structure to ‘training’ and made me aware that lifting weights was simply not enough to achieve the physique I’d built up in my head. Albeit a hybrid of Henry Cavill (Superman) and Chris Evans (Captain America). As I touched on above, the guides cover much more than your bog standard exercises/rep range and leave no stone unturned, be it bulking or cutting. Above all, the concept of periodization and variety in each of the sessions afforded me a new incentive to train. My motivation thus extended further than the need to get bigger as I gradually appreciated the workouts more and more. Except volume work; that remains a mechanism of torture.

I’d be lying if I said the boys I train with haven’t been a motive in my continual efforts in the gym. Between us, a torn hamstring, cartilage tear and a gammy knee have been just some of the set-backs since we started training together. That said, I uphold that my current conditioning has been aided through training with my best mates. Cheers gents!

How have you found LDNM in terms of support?

I think what makes the guys at LDNM different is the round the clock support they offer to their followers. I genuinely have no idea how they do it. Whether it’s training advice, nutritional info or just a picture of chocolate covered Oreo’s – rest assured you’ll have a reply in minutes.”  

th3 th4

Twitter – @tomhamilton94

Insta – @tomhamilton94

“A midst a fitness industry that’s littered with misleading claims, fake NATTY’s and downright ridiculous advice, it’s good to know that there are some good guys out there.

As I said above, I’m coming up for around 3 years of training(ish), with the last 18 months being the most consistent and directed. I’m currently making the final preparations for my jaunt abroad with the Mrs and I’m absolutely delighted with how I’ve shaped up. Whilst running the cutting guide, I’ve managed to reveal those mythical ab things all whilst retaining some decent size. Looking forward, my initial goal remains intact. To get bigger and look better. After what is shaping up to be a decent summer, it’ll be time to dust off the bible, batten down the hatches and BULK!”

Big thanks to LDNM for my transformation – here’s to another 3 years!  

Name: Fraser Porte

Age: 20

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 72kg (Cut) – 80.5kg (Bulked)

Occupation: Economics & French Student


About Me

“Before I stumbled across LDN Muscle, I trained three or four times a week in a similar fashion to most 18 year old guys; smashing chest and arms for hours on end and almost totally neglecting my legs. I play football at least twice a week, so that was all the excuse I needed to avoid leg day. I had never considered my diet to be poor, I ate plenty of “clean” foods, but equally I wouldn’t blink twice at finishing several share bags of crisps.”

How did you find the guide? Did training together help?

“In late 2013 a friend suggested that I check out a fitness company called LDN Muscle on Twitter, and naturally I was sceptical. The number of companies who sponsor “athletes” who are about as natural as a Big Mac is frightening. However, I was blown away by the quality of their support and decided to take a gamble by purchasing their Bulking Bible. From then on I have never looked back. I purchased the Cutting Guide as soon as I’d completed the BB and I regularly receive advice and tips from the guys on Twitter. Their advice encouraged me to take an educated look at training and diet – I have even racked up a 162 day streak on MyFitnessPal. The biggest factor in my transformation – other than LDNM – was undoubtedly my mates Gregor and Tom. Without their constant support, spotting and (somewhat) friendly competition in and out of the gym, I can’t imagine I’d have come as far in such a short space of time.”

How have you found LDNM in terms of support?

“I genuinely believe that LDNM are totally unrivalled in terms of customer service. I can’t imagine any other organisation – not just in the fitness industry – is as quick to answer any question at any time for over 60,000 people. Personally, MB has helped me massively as I have often needed advice on how to work around injuries picked up playing football. Thanks to him and the advice from all of the guys, I’ve gone from the stereotypical slow centre-half, to a double player-of-the-year winner (which I never really mention). It really is difficult to put into words just how big an impact LDNM has had on my life in and out of the gym.

After working the guides for two years, I can honestly say that I have never felt or looked better. I feel far more confident in myself in all aspects of life, from the football pitch to the beach in the summer. Without the 24/7 support from my mates and the guys at LDNM, I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all I have done in the last two years; from passing three of my five years at uni, to achieving a double bodyweight deadlift.

My plan for the future is pretty simple. I move to Bordeaux in France for a year abroad with uni in September, so I’ll be on the cheese and wine bulk for the foreseeable future.”

@_frasss – Twitter

@fraserporte – Instagram

I hope you will agree, this is an incredible journey that all three guys have shared, be sure to share your story with us, by emailing [email protected]/[email protected]

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