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Protein bars can often be lacking in grams of good quality protein and all too generously filled with fats and sugars when you take a second to view the nutritional information timidly after you’ve scoffed the Mars Bar with added protein! Below I will show you how to make more nutritionally beneficial, healthier and cheaper protein bars- without actually baking :).

Ingredients (for two bars):

  • 100 grams Rolled Oats,
  • 50 grams Whey Protein (I use chocolate/vanilla mix),
  • 30 grams Casein Protein,
  • 40g Honey (if set will need to microwave to soften),
  • 50g Boiling Water.


  • Mix oats and whey in a bowl,
  • Add the honey evenly to the mixture,
  • Add the water evenly and stir until the consistency is even throughout,
  • Shape into a bar shapes using hands,
  • Place in fridge for 60 minutes.

(Total) Macro Breakdown:

  • 75g of protein,
  • 100g of carbohydrate,
  • 10g of fat.

Other ingredients to experiment with:

  • Diced nuts and seeds,
  • Nut butter,
  • Diced fruits.

These are great pre-workout boost for when on the move as they are easy to carry on your person. You can also adjust recipe amounts to your preference, and experiment with the ingredients too as with every recipe I post!

Compare the nutritional value of these to most commercial protein bars and you’ll see they’re far cheaper and most probably have a superior nutritional profile- great for cutting or bulking.

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