A quick summary of LDNM’s Chest Sunday antics. Our focus today being on upper chest, so the majority of the exercises we chose involved incline work. Jointly agreed that we would use Giant Sets for this weeks session to mix things up a little.

Protocol Requirements:

  • Perform exercises as listed, back-to-back,
  • 10 seconds rest between exercises,
  • 120 seconds rest between giant sets.


Giant Set 1. (4 sets; 8-10 reps of each exercise)

  1. Incline bench press,
  2. Incline flies,
  3. Plate raise,
  4. Dumbbell pull overs.


Giant set 2. (4 sets; 8-10reps of each exercise)

  1. Incline dumbbell press,
  2. Peck Deck,
  3. Weighted dips,
  4. Incline press-ups.


Finisher: centurion challenge. 

We chose a 15 degree incline on the bench press and 100 reps (no break) of just the Olympic bar. A great parting exercise to really burn you out and get a sweat on!

Give it a go and feel the pain. But don’t forget this workout is for Sundays only! #CHESTSUNDAY

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