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To help combat the epidemic of skinny legs in the gym (myself included), I’ve put together a Kai-Greene style leg work out for you to try. I often find it hard to work my hamstrings, so have really made them the focus of this work out.

Warm up

  • 5-10 mins on static bike
  • 4 sets (20, 15, 10, 10) squats/full leg press at reduced weight

Main Set

1)      Standing or lying single leg hamstring curl
3 sets (12, 12, 15)

2)      Sitting hamstring isolation curls
4 sets (15, 20, 20, 20)

3)      Straight leg dead-lifts
3 sets (15, 15, 15TDD) The last set should be performed as a triple drop down, reducing the weight by around 30% for each drop. Aim to go to failure on each stage of the drop set

4)      Leg extension
4 sets (20, 15, 15, 10)

5)      Squats
3 sets (15, 12, 10)

6)      Partial leg press
3 sets (10, 10, 10TDD) The last set should be performed as a triple drop down in the same manner as the SDL’s. Go HEAVY! These are partials, there is no need to create an angle larger than 60 degrees between your thigh and calf at the bottom of the press

As you can see, squats do not feature until close to the end. The reasoning behind this is the hamstrings and other small muscles in the leg are often under developed as they afterthought to squatting, and become harder to isolate as the leg fatigues.

Remember to keep strict form on the squats; don’t worry about the weight as you will be suffering by this point anyway!

Enjoyed this workout, for those brave enough we have plenty more evil workouts in our infamous LDNM Leg Torture Pack right here.