Another incredible transformation we are proud to share with you, this time its @krystianmoson, who had the goal of adding size and building muscle, rather than fat loss. Safe to say, he has packed on some quality gains with our Muscle Building Bible. 


How Has LDNM Affected You Both Physically And Mentally?

“LDNM were the first fitness related social media team I really brought into, they just seemed more trustworthy and approachable than the other generic fitness pages that seem to offer gimmicky fitness plans and supplements that to claim to ‘burn fat’ etc. Straight away I felt confident that I could achieve the results I’ve always desired by following the LDNM guides and have since cycled between the Muscle Building Bible and the Cutting guides“.

“Naturally I am quite skinny, and at around age 18 I weighed approx 72kgs.  Around the time of going to uni I remained quite skinny but having discovered LDNM around the age of 21 I really started to educate myself and understand how to train and eat properly. I now stand at a comfortable 90kgs and believe I have put on a large amount of lean mass thanks to the Muscle Building Bible, this has made me more confident for sure”.

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I’d definitely recommend LDNM to others and have done purely because you guys are always there across all social media with quick snippets and tips each and every day. You are approachable (unlike other fitness pages) and have never failed to get back to me if I do have any questions. You are honest and most importantly the guides and advice you put out to the public work. Thanks and I’ll definitely be keeping it LDNM into the future”!


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