Meet Kim Bowman and be inspired by her incredible fat loss journey with LDNM.

Taunted by strangers in the street and often called “fat” Kim was determined to do something about it with the help of the LDNM Bikini Guide. What followed was truly astonishing, not only did Kim lose over 5.5 stone, she went on to compete in a bikini competition!

Just take a look!



How LDNM Changed Kim’s Life

“I was previously taunted, and regularly called fat, I had turned into a person I didn’t like… I am now toned and healthy – totally different to what I was before LDNM. I downloaded the LDNM Bikini Guide, which is a downloadable guide containing structured, detailed training and nutritional advice. It tells you what to eat, when and how much with full macro breakdowns specific to your body weight and type”. 

“I feel like a brand new person…I didn’t like the person I had become and now I have turned my life around. I guess I owe the lads at LDNM a huge huge thanks for transforming my body, mind and life.” 

What Would You Say To Others Considering LDNM?

“Get it, and go for it, you won’t ever look back, you will just wish you had started sooner!”


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