The best quality and value meat we have come across by a long-shot, delivered straight to your door. Also suppliers of your usual essentials such as liquid egg whites, nut butters and a whole host more. New customers of MuscleFoods should use the following code:

LM6088‘- NEW CUSTOMERS enter this at the checkout to receive FREE Chicken Breasts. 

‘LDNMUSCLE’ – EXISTING CUSTOMERS enter this at the checkout to receive 4x Free Chicken Breasts. 

In addition we have now managed to negotiate you guys  EXCLUSIVE LDNM discount’s on some must have essentials;

Quest Bars (all flavours) only £17 – save £4!!!

Nuts ‘n More £2 off every flavour – Peanut Butter just £5 + Almond Butter just £6!!!

Wheyhey Ice cream tub just £5 – save £1.50 per pot!

Muscle Mousse just £18



They’ve got a fantastic range of flavours for their protein powders as well as exclusive innovations such as ambient Liquid Egg Whites. Finally, GoNutrition’s lowest price promise makes it a great overall supplements source.

Whats more is Go-Nutrition are unique in that they are the only sports nutrition retailer to tell you exactly what’s in there products and at what levels. Take a look at there Greens product for example they breakdown everything, no one else does this.

10% off ALL orders with code ‘LDNMUSCLE’

LDNMJULY will give the customers the following discounts:

  • 15% off Nut Butters
  • 20% off Pure Fine Oats
  • 15% off GoGreens (Greens Powder)

For New Customers Only

LDNMNEW – 15% off their entire order when they spend £30

LDNMFREEWHEY – 250g Free Whey Protein on orders over £10


Stocking a huge range of gym essentials, notably there instant oats and oat bran. Protein, Bcaas, creatine and all your usual supplements are also available here, alongside training equipment such as their ‘manus grips’ (half the price of ‘Fat Gripz’)

’007PT255′- enter this at the checkout to receive 10% off your total order.

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