As ever we love nothing more than showcasing the amazing transformations that we are so proud to have created, not to mention the incredible photos and testimonials that accompany them.
Check out this incredible Cutting Guide transformation & testimonial and words by Josh Donovan;
Fitness - Front - Mar 1616Fitness - Back - Mar 1616
Fitness - Front - Mar 0917Fitness - Back - Mar 0917
“Firstly thank you for your help, Amazing work on the guides – I constantly boast about you guys and how you are the only people gym goers should be listening too. (No bullshit “get fit quick” crap! Nice one!)”
“FYI – i’ve just been cast in “We will rock you” the musical, i cant announce that until later this week – but for SURE – the improvements in my body shape have helped me get that show. So THANKS! (Wanted it for years!)”

How have the LDNM guides and support helped you reach your goals?

“I stumbled across LDNM (after giving up on Their Cutting Guide made everything clear for me both in relation to diet AND training – they explained all the exercises and in excellent detail, and they don’t promise you any quick fix schemes. Their support is, to me, un-paralleled – the guys would respond to my stupid emailed questions within the space of a few hours. You simply don’t get that anywhere else.”
Why would you recommend LDNM to those considering signing up?
“It’s important for my job as a performer to not only look my best, but to keep fit and healthy. I’ve been chasing some strange ‘aesthetic hot body dream’ for years… I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I just had scraps of advice from people who looked relatively in shape. If you’re just starting, or already experienced I would still highly recommend ANY of the LDNM guides, their guides are highly adaptable and work around any family, social or work commitments. With LDNM you will reach your specific goals.”
Thanks again,

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