Absolutely loving this transformation sent in by Joe Wilson (IG: jooewilson). Making some quality gains, and getting leaner, its a win:win for Joe!

How Has LDNM Positively Affected You Both Physically & Mentally?

“Physically I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in with the motivation to carry on and get more results, feeling this way definitely leads to a huge boost in confidence for me. I have used both the Cutting Guide to shred body fat, and also the Bulking Bible, aka the Muscle Building Bible to make my progress. These have given me the knowledge on what my body needs for it to be healthy as well which is now just part of my daily routine rather than feeling like I’m on a diet, which I don’t enjoy and can’t stick to. I’ve gone from being 56kg when I started with periodic goals of weight loss and size gain, I now sitting steadily at 62kg, with quality lean muscle gains and fat loss“!

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“LDNM is suitable for everyone and at every stage of their fitness journey, it’s the perfect thing to read up with when you first start and get the foundations and understanding everything you need to know when it comes to your macros and the different types of exercises. The guides are also epic for those who have been training for a while, with both its advanced diet and training guidance. This ensures that  when you have been going a while and you have your set workouts, that you now add variety into your training that soon lifts you out of a plateau”. 

Gents; Shred Fat With Our Cutting Guide:

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Lean Enough? Want To Build Muscle? Our Muscle Building Bible Is For You!