Just take a look at Jim’s incredible Cutting Guide Transformation! Not only is Jim proof of the guides ability to shift fat, and stubborn belly fat, but also that you can train from home and still get incredible results…


Jim’s Story

“The Cutting Guide‘s comprehensive advice on nutrition was invaluable for me. It cut through all the crap that’s out there, and laid it out in a clear and concise way, that I could actually follow”… 

“My transformation took around five/six months as I was unable to stick with it religiously due to my job (largely involves lunches out etc!). However the guide helpfully shows you how to work around this so it doesn’t limit your progress”.

I didn’t set foot in a gym once, but rather followed the home workout section within the guide and even using decline/weighed crunches off the side of my settee, planks to failure, and a variation of weighted push ups. At most I did HIIT three times a week and one or two SS runs when time permitted.” 

“I hit 40 and had a bet with a mate that I could find an ab. Cheers for helping me change the way I look and feel but also allowing me to win a few quid”! 
Once again a huge thanks to Jim for sharing this with us. Jim is a former sports writer for the News of the World and The Sun. Now freelancing UK and overseas.

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