Sharing in other peoples success and celebrating their new found body image and confidence is something we love here at Team LDNM.

Jessica is another incredible and inspiring LDNM Lady who has transformed how she looks and feels with our Female Fat Loss Plan, the Bikini Guide...



We caught up with Jess to find out more about her incredible journey;

How Has LDNM Positively Effected You Both Physically and Mentally?

“I first joined the gym in September 2015 after my mum suggested I should get a hobby (rude), however, even though I had no clue what I was doing I started to see results  NEWBEE GAINS ???????? and so I became hooked. Unfortunately at this time and for a long time previously I didn’t have the best relationship with food. In 2012 I was overweight, I would eat fast food at LEAST  once a day and I did NO exercise. This only got worse when I started uni in 2014 and would go on 2-3 nights out a week (cider-cider-vodka-jägerbombs-CHICKEN NUGGETS YUMMMMM????- Ben and jerrys ❤️????????etc etc etc) I was 72kg (I am 5ft5 ☠️). Summer 2014 I went through a break up and being a typical girl I decided that I needed to lose weight. My weight had never occurred to me as something that was an issue before then but I wanted to look pretty now that I was single and in my brain skinny=pretty. Unfortunately I was not sensible about how I did this. I would skip meals a lot, try and not eat all day until dinner and I remember feeling so proud of myself if I went to bed feeling hungry. Some nights I slept with the window open because a friend told me that I would lose weight in my sleep because I would be shivering (i feel so sad when I think back to this point in my life but at the time it seemed a sensible thing to do ????). But I was getting so many compliments for family and friends that it was hard to stop .. and so I didn’t stop .. I lost 13kg in 4 months!!! And so when I started the gym in September 2015, my eating mentality, combined with weight training, lead to quick fat loss but I felt drained, looked unhealthy and was constantly hungry SO SO hungry.”

“This is when I bought the LDNMuscle Bikini Guide and honestly it was a huge turning point in my fitness journey. I can’t thank LDNMuscle enough. Thanks to them my knowledge of weight training, tracking macros, diet, form, what isolation exercises to do etc has increased exponentially! I have never felt happier/healthier in myself, don’t get me wrong I still have days where I feel so fat and just want to skip meals BUT I have learnt that this will only send me backwards on my fitness journey.  I have emailed LDNMuscle so many times with any questions and they were always so helpful and their support is unrivalled. I  would recommend the Bikini Guide to anyone, whether they are brand new to weight training or simply want a change to their routine. THANKS again LDNM xoxoxo”. 


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