As ever we love to share the results that our LDNM Family members achieve. Jay’s journey is another incredible story that can’t help but motivate and inspire others… His before and after photos are astonishing! 



How Has LDNM Positively Affected You Both Physically And Mentally?

” I never had an interest in exercise previously, however I am now on the complete opposite end of the scale, and this has all been thanks to the LDNM Cutting Guide . I’ve gone from having pretty much no self-confidence to feeling very confident and no longer embarrassed about my body, and worried about taking my top off”.

“Dropping from a 36” trouser to a 32” has made me feel a lot better physically, I no longer get out of breath from 2 mins on a treadmill and don’t feel tired half way through the day anymore. In addition to feeling physically fitter I now also feel mentally a lot better, confident and comfortable in my own skin…”

“A big thanks is owed to the Exton twins. Firstly to Tom (TGE), after following him on social media after sharing a passion in everything 4 wheels I then found out about LDNM so I probably wouldn’t have found out about them otherwise. Secondly to James (JE) for his expert help and advice with following the guide, from adjusting and tailoring workouts to suit me and to work around my sometimes hectic work schedule. This is what I love about the guides, the personal support that comes alongside them is so helpful and motivating. The guides take the stereotype of running on a treadmill and throws it out the window to make fat loss fun and enjoyable”.

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

Would I recommend the LDNM Guides? Yes! If you’re looking for an enjoyable but effective diet and training plan with unrivalled service and help from the industry leaders then I couldn’t recommend it enough… but if you’re not wanting the best and quick  visible results I don’t think anyone can help you”!


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